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Marie Paterson is a Bowen therapist qualified to treat people, dogs and horses.

Marie has a Diploma in human Bowen Therapy and is the first person worldwide to be given the opportunity to undergo the extensive teacher training program to teach canine Bowen Therapy, through the International School for Bowen Therapy.

Following intensive training, she is now qualified to teach ISBT Canine Bowen levels one, two and three (out of a total of four levels) in Australia and New Zealand, with Suzanne Baker undertaking the assessment level (level four) and completing the Therapist Qualification Examinations.

In addition Marie is also qualified in the EMMETT Technique (human and canine). The EMMETT Technique uses gentle pressure or 'switches' at specific points, to initiate muscle release and is an effective therapy when used alone or can be combined with other therapies, such as Bowen Therapy, to enhance a treatment.


  • ISBT - Canine Bowen Therapist
  • ISBT - Canine Bowen Teacher (Australia & New Zealand)
  • ISBT - Equine Bowen Therapist
  • ISBT - Human Bowen Therapist - Foundation Course
  • ISBT - Advanced Level 1 & 2
  • Diploma in Human Bowen Therapy - Smart Bowen
  • EMMETT Technique - Human and Canine Practitioner
  • Certificate in Canine Rehabilitation
  • Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy
  • Accredited practitioner for hydrotherapy for the Australian Canine Rehabilitation Association

Over 3 decades of canine expertise

Levi, the dog who started Marie's Bowen journey

Levi, the dog who started Marie's Bowen journey, is no longer with us but holds a very special place in Marie's heart.

Marie is forever grateful to this boy for his endless patience while she practised the therapy on him, for loving her as much as he did and being there every step of the way.

Marie's ability to achieve top results when treating dogs hasn't happened by chance. She has owned and trained dogs for over 30 years and has prepared them and competed in showing, agility trials and obedience.

Years of showing and studying dog stance, gait and performance in the ring has assisted in developing her eye to recognise imbalanced gait and movement as well as muscle tightness and soreness. This ability to recognise the source of any problems makes Marie's canine treatments particularly effective.

Marie has encountered a wide variety of health, physical and behavioural problems with dogs and has pursued the highest standard of complementary therapies to help to keep dogs happy, healthy and moving freely.

Experience and an exceptional level of care

Marie's extensive experience with dogs allows her to provide an exceptional standard of canine therapy.

In turn, being able to treat effectively when the patient cannot vocalise the problem makes her even more adept at recognising the most subtle signs of discomfort and restriction in people.