Bowen Therapy

For Dogs

A gentle, enjoyable approach to healing

Bowen for dogs

Like humans, animals respond very well to Bowen Therapy and we take an enormous amount of care to ensure each treatment is a completely enjoyable experience.

The first consultation takes approximately 1 hour. That allows time to take a full history and for the dog to become comfortable in our treatment room and with us.

Plenty of time is allowed during the treatment for the dog to process the changes as they occur.

At all times, the dog's welfare comes first, so they are given the appropriate time and space and they're never pushed or rushed past their comfort zone.

As a result, they thoroughly enjoy their treatments and clients often report that their dogs start hollering with excitment when they turn into our street!

What is Bowen effective for?

Bowen for dogs

  • Muscle spasm and strain (both recent and long term)
  • Relief of pain and stiffness
  • General wellbeing and improved performance – particularly beneficial for show, agility and working animals.
  • Provides relief with degenerative conditions
  • Aides with rehabilitation and recovery after surgical procedures
  • Improvement of behavioural issues

Appreciation for the relief produced by a treatment is often immediately apparent.

Bowen Therapy does not replace veterinary care but is an extremely effective therapy as an adjunct to veterinary treatment.