Client stories


Bowen Client stories

Bella was one of Marie's very first Bowen clients. Bella's main role in life, aside from being a beloved companion of Lorely, was as a therapy dog at Alzheimer's Australia - Launceston, providing much needed comfort and support to patients.

When Marie first met Bella, she was unable to go to work anymore, due to severe arthritis and hip issues.

With the help of Bowen and working in conjunction with her vet we were able to get Bella back to work for 3 more years, doing what she did best, medication free.

In recognition and appreciation of the very important role Bella played in many people's lives she was presented with a certificate of appreciation and staff and patients held a morning tea in her honour.

Bowen Therapy was suggested to me by my vet. Bella at that time was heavily medicated (on maximum dosage of everything available), only on 3 legs and unable to go to work anymore to fulfill her very important role in life as an assistance dog. I had run out of options and the outlook was grim. I had not heard of Bowen Therapy but figured Bella and I had nothing to lose.

Over the course of several treatments the improvement in Bella was astounding. Bella became completely medication free and back to full duties at Alzheimer's Australia, doing what she did best, providing care and comfort to those who needed her most.

Bowen Therapy gave me and Bella quality time spent together - 3 extra years that we simply would not have had.

Bella loved her sessions and it was an absolute blessing we found this wonderful therapy.

Lorely A
Newnham, Tasmania


Bowen Client stories

At the age of 3 Coco partially tore her cruciate and with the help of Bowen Therapy and restricted activities we managed it for 8 mths before she slipped during winter, tore it completely and had TPLO surgery in Hobart.

We continued Bowen treatments regularly during her recovery which assisted her healing process. 7 months later she unfortunately tore her second cruciate and underwent another TPLO surgery in Hobart.

Again Coco's recovery for the second leg included regular Bowen treatments.

We can't speak highly enough of Bowen Therapy and the care Marie has given to Coco; it has has assisted her quality of life and general well being.

After Coco's success my husband tried Bowen with Marie for an ongoing condition where other treatments had not offered the same results and he feels so much better after regular Bowen treatments.

We can't speak highly enough of Marie's care and expertise and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for relief either for themselves or their canine.

Kylie Clare and Adam Spooner
Prospect, Tasmania


Bowen Client stories

Marie gave my darling Rocky such a quality of life in his senior years.

He was struggling with his joints and with Bowen therapy he was able to still enjoy his adventures every day.

I also have Bowen myself, which is so beneficial to my health and wellbeing, as does my 11 year old Maltese cross Molly who just loves her visits.

I highly recommend Marie for her passion and commitment to this wonderful therapy.

Jan C
Longford, Tasmania


Bowen Client stories

We heard about Marie and Bowen Therapy after our Bullmastiff had had surgery for a damaged cruciate. Six weeks after surgery Poppy still wasn't using her leg and was constantly holding it approx 6 inches up off the ground. One treatment and Poppy walked out with all four paws on the ground. Over a short course of treatments, full function and muscle tone quickly returned.

Unfortunately 12 months later Poppy suffered a second cruciate injury on the opposite knee and this time we started a treatment program straight after surgery and her recovery was much smoother aided by Bowen Therapy.

Poppy absolutely loves her Bowen treatments and we continue with periodical maintenance treatments as and when required. We can't speak highly enough of Marie and the time, care and attention given to our girl.

Jenny & Kent
Longford, Tasmania


Frankie could not walk, having become paralysed in the rear whilst on a family outing. Over the following 3 weeks Frankie slowly regained some use of his hindquarters and then commenced Bowen treatments.

Here he is before his second treatment:


Following his second treatment:


Now, Frankie is back to normal!


This is Frankie running around and playing stick having a wonderful doggy time. Twelve months ago he was a very sick dog. While out for a walk he had a sudden paralysis of his hind legs and had to be carried home.

The vet's recommendation was to euthanise him if after a few days he was not showing any improvement. Very slow improvement three weeks in bed, then one night he poked his head into the living room. He could hardly walk but he was walking.

He was on daily pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Very soon after this on the recommendation of our vet, we took him for his first Bowen treatment and he walked out of there a different dog.

He has made steady progress since. No more drugs. He is now seven and is much 'younger' and more energetic than before he had his injury.

Robin and Tony
Invermay, Tasmania


Bell - canine client

My dog Bell has been seeing Marie for a number of years now.

Bell is no average dog. She suffers severe physical and neural problems. She is also rather unsocial towards people and other animals.

When I heard about Marie's Bowen treatments, I thought they may be beneficial to Bell. To say beneficial is an understatement!!!!

Bell's response to Marie is nothing short of amazing!!!! Even the mention of Marie's name and she gets extremely excited. This is a dog who does not give her affections freely - so that alone is enough reason to justify her regular visit.

However Marie's Bowen treatments significantly improve the life of our special little dog with a lot of disabilities. Marie's unique way with animals comes from the heart and that's proven with every good reaction we have with Bell.

Anne Dawkins
Launceston, Tasmania


Naji - canine client

There are no words to describe our gratitude to Marie for her continuing care of our 7 year old mini dachshund, Naji. Her breadth of knowledge and expertise is exemplary, as is the genuine care and compassion she has for her clients.

Naji responds brilliantly to her treatments, and she has helped him with everything from ligament strains to post-operative care and now ongoing preventative treatment given the nature of the dachshund spine.

We cannot mention her name out loud without him running to the door and waiting expectantly – a true testament to her ability! I cannot recommend Marie highly enough.

Launceston, Tasmania


I have been watching Marie for 2 years maintain the health and well being of a now 11 year old Schnauzer.

What has impressed me the most is her individual treatment, not just doing the procedures and corrections of Bowen Therapy, but being sensitive to the individual.

I highly recommend her professionalism and concern for the animals she treats. She is obviously very highly skilled and experienced in her work.

Melissa J
Port Sorrell, Tasmania